Nanoscale studies with acoustic near field microscope






In collaboration with A. Kulik, we developped new microscopes, as the Continuous Wave Scanning Acoustic Microscope (CW-SAM) and several acoustic near field atomic force microscopes (J.  Vac. Sci. Technol. B, 14 (2), 794-799 (1996), J.  Vac. Sci. Technol. B, 14 (2), 1308-1312 (1996), Nanotechnology, 8, (2), 67-75 (1997)):

    • With the CW-SAM, we performed a detailed experimental and theoretical study of the adhesion properties of surface layers deposited on substrates (EPFL PhD thesis n° 1547 of Ph. Richard, 1996),
    • With the acoustic near field atomic force microscope, we have proven that it is possible to perform acoustic spectroscopy measurements at the nano-scale, for instance measuring the internal friction as a function of temperature (EPFL PhD thesis n° 1960 of F. Oulevey, 1999) or as a function of frequency (EPFL PhD thesis n° 2278 of E. Dupas, 2000), which allowed us to study mechanical properties and phase transitions.
    • With the acoustic near field atomic force microscope, adding a modulation of the amplitude of the acoustic wave allowed us to study in details the adhesion properties at the nanoscale. It has been shown experimentally and theoretically that there are strong correlation between the adhesion properties and the tribological properties at nanoscale (EPFL PhD thesis n° 2851 of R. Szoszkiewicz, 2003).

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