Our mission is to develop knowledge in the field of the physics of materials applying our experience in mechanical spectroscopy and complementary techniques. So, we are particularly keen on developing partnerships with universities and industry on materials science projects. We can also measure materials properties and performance on the basis of service contracts. Below, some examples of our services are illustrated.

– Damping capacity or quality factor in a wide range of frequencies and temperatures
– Measurement of the elastic modulus as a function of temperature
– Characterization of materials strength and toughness
– Characterization of phase transition in metals, glasses and composite materials

Our 30-year experience in the measure of internal friction is applied in the development of specific equipment to be supplied to academic and private institutions

– Forced and free decay inverted torsion pendula working from very low temperature up to 1600 °C

  • PUCOT (Piezoelectric Ultrasonic Composite Oscillator Technique, 100 kHz

see Kustov S, Golyandin S, Ichino A, Gremaud G, A new design of automated piezoelectric composite oscillator technique. Mater. Sci. Eng. A. 442, 532-537 (2006).

  • Vibrating reed apparatus (kHz range)
  • Thermoelectric power apparatus (POTHER)

Measures the Seebeck coefficient in a temperature range from 5 to 70 °C, can be fixed independently of room temperature. This rugged apparatus can work in industrial environment. Completely independent, no water cooling, adapted for large specimens. Data acquisition to a PC via a USB interface.