Prof. Gérard Gremaud wins the Zener medal

zener10.11.11 – Gérard Gremaud has been awarded the Zener medal. This distinction recognizes important contributions in the study of solid deformations.
Anelasticity… behind this strange term hides a simple physical concept: it’s the characteristic of an elastic object that, after having been stretched and then released, returns to its original form, but with a small time lag. The Zener medal is awarded in this field of study once every three years by the International Conference on Internal Friction and Ultrasonic Attenuation in Solids (ICIFUAS). Gérard Gremaud, a researcher in EPFL’s Complex Matter Physics Laboratory, now belongs to the short list of laureates. His original measurement technique based on sound waves, called mechanical spectroscopy, and his theoretical models have led to considerable progress in the field.